We are so happy to finally announce the release date of our second album “Strut Your Stuff”
At Broken City on March 6th, we’ll be joined by some of our very best buds to make this a special night!

Dead Pixel(Album Release):
Hailing from Calgary, Alta, Dead Pixel is a refreshing blend of Pop, Punk, Swing, and good ol’ fashioned rock and roll that is sure to get you dancing. Their high energy performance and catchy hooks nabbed them the “Best Performance” winners at the 2019 Ship & Anchor Songwriting Contest.

The Pits Planet Earth:
We are The Pits Planet Earth.
An Art Rock/Power Pop group consisting of 3 part vocals, driving bass, melodic guitar, spacey synth and epic drums. It is a high energy, uplifting and thought provoking project that includes tales of space, love, tragedy and the faults of humanity. With their theatrical performance, moving melodies and powerful anthems, The Pits Planet Earth is destined for the big stage. If The Killers, Mother Mother, Death Cab for Cutie, Arcade Fire, The Mars Volta and The Naked and Famous fell into a giant’s blender, the sweet satisfying smoothie created would be The Pits.

The Ringwalds:
3 party dudes
send artsy nudes

Orbit The Fox:
A local Calgary band creating original rock music with bluesy licks and funky grooves.

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