Come finish your date night right on Valentine’s day with As Above at broken city! We’re also raising funds for the Canadian Mental Health Association

As Above

Formed of the ashes from a few defunct local acts, As Above’s sound is a rollercoaster ride through rock and roll. Loud, aggressive, yet dynamically focused, they are a band who will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next heavy moment to hit you outta left field. With a much anticipated second Ep, they are finally ready to release new music!


Dane the duo comprises a couple of young humble musicians, with Dane’s bassist and lead vocalist being energetic and entertaining with the ability to bring new innovation to the strings, Dane’s drummer is electric in his energy and deliveries a heart pounding performance, together they create a full and vibrant psychedelic, rock and roll sound.

Surf Dads

From Regina Sk. the band started off as a 2-man project between Chris Dimas and Gage McGuire, and has since grown to be a full band with four members. Surf Dads offers a surfy, yet pop-infused indie rock sound that can be compared to the likes of Surfer Blood, Yuck, and Waves.

Bloody Monroe

Monroe consists of Michael Green (Vocals/Guitar), Maxwell McFadyen (Bass), and Nathan Raboud (Drums). Bloody Monroe is a young but experienced, well versed group, hungry and ready to make an impact within the music industry and live music scene.

Shows starts at 930 sharp! 12$

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